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Lauren Simpson WBFF PRO laurensimpson

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👻 laurensimpsonnn

BOSS GIRLS ♥️ with my babe @racheldillonwbffpro We train hard, we support each other, we motivate, we laugh, we have fun! Together we are unstoppable #TeamEHP - Tag your partner in crime below 👇🏼♥️ - 🎥 @juju_mscr for @ehplabs • • #laurensimpsonfitness #laurensimpson #fitspo #fitness #fit #instafit #bikini #muscle #workout #shredded #abs #sixpack #lean #fitnessmodel #bodybuilding #results #transformation #followme #smile #love #health #mealprep #dedication #motivation #inspo #wbffpro #bikinipro #youtube UFC GYM Sydney
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8194 | 250 | 3 hours ago
MELBOURNE LADIES! It's this weekend!!!! ♥️ Only 2 spots left for the Training the Female Fitness Model seminar on 27th May! - My coach @dainemcdonald & I will be talking about all things health and fitness, teaching you how you can reach your goal of having your dream body! Training the Female Fitness Model is ideal for anyone who is thinking about competing as a bikini or fitness model, personal trainers want to, or currently training competitors or anyone who just simply wants to learn more about nutrition, training & the fitness industry. - Click on the link in my bio to register today, be quick places will fill up fast! Further information on the day can also be found at this link. - So excited for next weekend! 💪🏼♥️ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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2232 | 34 | 13 hours ago
What's your favourite exercise for glutes? 🍑 Mine are low bar squats & hip thrusts! - I train lower body 4 times per week so post workout recovery is so important to ensure I can keep training at this frequency. @ehplabs IsoPept zero shake is my current go-to! 🙌🏻 WHY? It's a fast absorbing WPI protein that helps repair torn muscle fibres. WPIs have a high protein content, and are low-carb/fat & low in lactose (most proteins make my belly so bloated 😔)! ♥️ My @ehplabs code is lauren10 #TeamEHP#laurensimpsonfitness #laurensimpson #fitspo #fitness #fit #instafit #bikini #muscle #workout #shredded #abs #sixpack #lean #fitnessmodel #bodybuilding #results #transformation #followme #smile #love #health #dedication #motivation #inspo #wbffpro #bikinipro #youtube
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18856 | 358 | 1 day ago
Tonight's look ⚡️
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17920 | 259 | 2 days ago
Smile on my face because it's high carb day! Do you prefer CARBS OR FATS???? 🤔 My carbs have increased and I'm praying to the booty gods for some solid GAINZZ! 🙏🏼🍑 - I've just started my prep for WBFF Worlds and I'm back to carb cycling. I'll be filling you in more next week on my current macros & new training program so stay tuned! ♥️ - p.s. wearing my favourite @musclerepublicapparel sports bra 😻 ladies get onto these 🙌🏻 • • #laurensimpsonfitness #laurensimpson #fitspo #fitness #fit #instafit #bikini #muscle #workout #shredded #abs #sixpack #lean #fitnessmodel #bodybuilding #results #transformation #followme #smile #love #health #dedication #motivation #inspo #wbffpro #bikinipro #youtube Sydney, Australia
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13699 | 287 | 2 days ago
What it means to be STRONG? ♥️ No I am not just talking about physical's so much more than that. True strength means never giving up when times are tough. Your inner strength gives you energy to face challenges and overcome them. Everyone has strength inside have to chose to be STRONG. You have to chose to believe in yourself. You are capable of so much more than you know. 🙏🏼 Sending love & strength to you all xx • • #laurensimpsonfitness #laurensimpson #fitspo #fitness #fit #instafit #bikini #muscle #workout #shredded #abs #sixpack #lean #fitnessmodel #bodybuilding #results #transformation #followme #smile #love #health #dedication #motivation #inspo #wbffpro #bikinipro #youtube
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16455 | 326 | 3 days ago
INCREASING YOUR SQUAT STRENGTH ‼️😈 Read below & comment any questions you have! - 1. Squat! The more you squat the quicker you’ll improve. Aim for a minimum 2x per week if you are serious about increasing your numbers. 2. Incorporate squat variations - front squat, low back/high bar, box squats. 3. Vary rep schemes - include strength based rep ranges as well as and hypertrophy. Strength (3-5) & hypertrophy (8-15). 4. Vary tempos - try paused squats, slow eccentric phase, 1 + 1/4 reps. 5. Form over weight. Ensure your technique is perfected before adding weight. 6. You don’t need to hit 1RM every session! It puts to much stress on your body! Sub maximal training is better for longer term strength gains. 7. When the bar is on your back keep everything tight!!! Squeeze your core, tighten upper back, push your knees out. 8. Your knees should not cave in! If they do, work on strengthening the muscles around your knee. Unilateral work is great, like front or back foot elevated split squats, step ups, one leg deadlifts etc. 9. Preactivate your glutes with banded exercises to warm up - crab walks, seated abductors, kickbacks, pulse squats. 10. Eat a good pre workout meal! Carb based - to maximise energy. I like @ehplabs isopept chocolate PB protein oats!😍 11. Rest! Heavy lifting takes a toll on your body so rest days are even more important or you will plateau. Eat & sleep! 12. Improve mobility & flexibility! Use a foam roller before your session and each night. Pay attention to hip flexors, legs, glutes and back. 13. Look into getting some weightlifting shoes, belt, knee support etc. My shoes are Adidas Adipower. - My sessions are fuelled by @ehplabs supplements. Oxyshred (fat burner/preworkout), IsoPept Zero (protein) & Beyond BCAAS. ♥️ (LAUREN10) #TeamEHP Titan Fitness
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11986 | 183 | 3 days ago
Squats!! 8 sets of 5 reps @ 100kg 😈 - P.s 'you can start it now' 😂 just me making sure I get my IG vids done 😜! Oh and I realise it's not very bad ass to be laughing and smiling before I squat a decent weight 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #GirlsWhoLift @cleanhealthfitnessinstitute @dainemcdonald Clean Health Fitness Institute
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11965 | 347 | 4 days ago
Brand new from my recent shoot in the UK with @ak_annakelle 🖤🖤 What do you think? - MUA: @olliezeta Wearing: @riotswim • • • #laurensimpsonfitness #laurensimpson #fitspo #fitness #fit #instafit #bikini #muscle #workout #shredded #abs #sixpack #lean #fitnessmodel #bodybuilding #results #transformation #followme #smile #love #dedication #motivation #inspo #wbffpro #bikinipro #youtube
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16112 | 363 | 4 days ago
Listen up girls! ✨ You're capable of way more than you give yourself credit for. Believe that it's possible and then take action; don't let anyone tell you that you are undeserving. You got this! 🙌🏻💛 - Love this @musclerepublicapparel crop 😻 use code lauren15
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13373 | 208 | 5 days ago
SQUAD ♥️ Tag your girls! I'm so grateful to be surrounded by likeminded women who motivate and inspire me every day. We are driven, hard working, goal oriented and passionate about what we do. We don't compete...we support each other. ♥️ - So much love for these babes! @racheldillonwbffpro & @hattieboydle 😻 What an incredible week in London 🇬🇧 - 📸 @ak_annakelle MUA: @olliezeta
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21148 | 375 | 5 days ago
Cya London 👋🏻🇬🇧 What an amazing week it's been! I cannot wait to be back in August! ♥️✈️✈️ London, United Kingdom
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15913 | 279 | 6 days ago
Be the type of person you want to meet. How you make others feel about themselves, says a lot about you and is a direct reflection of how you feel about yourself. Be kind, always 💛 - 📸 @quby
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10985 | 231 | 1 week ago
BODY UPDATE ♥️ this is me after 2 weeks of travelling. Ive had a break while in the U.K. from tracking my calorie intake and have been eating intuitively. I'm eating foods to nourish my body and mentally giving myself a break from structured dieting. I've been posting many of my meals of my snap chat & IG story! - I am able to stay quite lean as I make healthy food choices most of the time, while treating myself in moderation (I've had some epic donuts & other treats this week 😳) I am still training hard in the gym most days and doing a lot of walking exploring London! 🇬🇧 - My prep for the WBFF WORLDS starts next week and as always I'll be keeping you all updated on my journey to the stage! Checking in with my coach on Thursday to set a plan of attack! ♥️ - Any questions comment below 🔽 London, United Kingdom
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14340 | 292 | 1 week ago
Once you see results, it becomes an addiction 🙌🏻 - Wearing @musclerepublicapparel ❤ use my code 'lauren15' for a discount London, United Kingdom
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14488 | 182 | 1 week ago
Even while travelling I make sure I stick to my training & supplement routine! 💛 Refuelling after a glutes workout with @ehplabs IsoPept Chocolate PB protein! 💛 - Why do I have it post workout? Consuming whey protein within 30min of finishing your workout will help to repair those muscle fibres you have broken down during the session. Protein builds and repairs muscle so having a fast absorbing protein can help you grow! Building lean muscle baby 👌🏼 - Girls, protein will not make you big and bulky...or make you fat! It's the excess calories that make you gain weight! 👊🏼 #TeamEHP
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13199 | 157 | 1 week ago
Lady in red ♥️ @wbff_official registration evening! Looking forward to watching the show tomorrow! - I'll be at Body Power Expo tomorrow from 12! WBFF Booth!! Hope to meet some of you there ♥️🙋🏼 Birmingham, United Kingdom
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18914 | 311 | 1 week ago
Nordic Curls 🎥🙋🏼O.M.G Hamstring killer! Tag a friend! - I used the lat pull down machine to set up this exercise. Kneel on and wedge heels under lap bar. Fall forwards in a controlled motion until you reach the bosu ball. Contract hammies & glutes the entire movement and lightly push off bosu ball to assist with bringing yourself back up! 💪🏼 - This movement forces you to slow down on the negative...constant tension is key! Great isolation exercise as your hamstrings are responsible for holding a majority of your weight! 5 sets of 5 reps 😈 (this is sped up!! back and side view in video) - Note: this is an advanced exercise! If you are a beginner I recommend lying hamstring curl with a negative eccentric rep. You could also tie a resistance band to the top of the lat pull down and use for support. ‼️ London, United Kingdom
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16225 | 382 | 1 week ago
Bikinis, sunshine & a little bit of a sweat 🙌🏻💦 - 🎥 @juju_mscr X @musclerepublicapparel
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15605 | 353 | 1 week ago
#squat motivation 💕 Ladies I wasn't genetically blessed with perky round glutes and it doesn't just happen over night. It take a lot of hard work in the gym, targeted nutrition, and rest and recovery! Like any muscle, yes you can GROW your glutes! Building muscle takes time so keep eating and keep lifting...consistency is key! 🔑#progressnotperfection
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26162 | 381 | 1 week ago
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