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Jordan Emily Brown hellomissjordan

🎀 Everyday Princess with a love for stories
🍰 Eat dessert first
✈️ Currently: London
🌍 #MissJordanTravels

Perfectly Pink 🌸 If I was a house, I think I would be this one. It's quite possibly the prettiest house I've ever seen and it gets bonus points because my outfit matches 😍 A full blog post on how I've styled up gingham has gone live over on, where you'll also get to see the back of this bodysuit (which is almost as pretty as this house) 🎀 Outfit details: #liketkit #thisisnewlook Notting Hill
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381 | 46 | 15 hours ago
One thing I don't think I ever get over when it comes to blogging is the number of opportunities I get to experience that I never would get to if I hadn't started my little corner of the internet. At the weekend I was lucky enough to visit the incredible @chi_kitchen for lunch and I brought along Papa Brown. I know that a meal here and there will never be enough to repay my parents for everything they've done for me, but I do love being able to treat them every now and again 🍱 Chi Kitchen
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186 | 34 | 1 day ago
Last night I finally got to see the new Beauty and the Beast film. I honestly didn't get my hopes up much that it would be any good, especially because the original is my favourite movie of all time. But, I have to say, I stand corrected. I absolutely adored it. I left the cinema in a daze, totally overwhelmed by how magical and beautiful it was. Needless to say, I woke up in a good mood this morning. . . In other news, a new post went up on today, featuring this gorgeous choker and lingerie and talking about how it's ok to be different 🌹
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385 | 50 | 2 days ago
Every time I'm in Oxford Street I make a detour past Liberty; not only to take an obligatory snap of the flowers outside, but also to wander it's many floors perusing the goods that I could never justify purchasing. In fact, what I love most about Liberty isn't even it's extravagant wares or it's technicolor blooms. It's the building itself; a little piece of wonder between the many grey shop fronts. I think to myself about how many people have passed through it's doors, their legacy now only imprinted in the stiletto marks that scar the wooden floors. 💐 Liberty London
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331 | 51 | 3 days ago
There's a lot to be said for listening to music on trains. Recently, I've found music to be such an escape from boring, every day chores and I find so much happiness in putting my Spotify onto a radio playlist and just bringing me tunes I've never heard before. My swanky new headphones are from @sudiosweden and yes, they're rose gold 🙌✨You can also get 15% off them using the code hellomissjordan15!
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311 | 54 | 5 days ago
I've fallen absolutely head over heels for this stunning @ysl fragrance. I've recently attempted to stick to one scent for each month, or maybe even longer if I can't get enough of it. This particular scent for some reason reminds me of Disney World but I'm not quite sure why. The scent is full of florals and coffee, meaning I probably had both in my mind while I was abroad ✨ A full review is now up on 🌸
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281 | 50 | 6 days ago
"I want adventure in the great wide somewhere, I want it more than I can tell..." 📚 My Belle-inspired outfit post is now up on! We shot these photos in Whitstable on a sunny but bitterly cold day. Nonetheless, it still remains one of my favourite "provincial towns" in England. For some reason I've always preferred Belle's blue dress to her yellow one, although my favourite has to be the pink one. Maybe that will be one for Winter...🌹
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354 | 61 | 1 week ago
The first thing the majority of people notice about me is my smile. I'm one of those people that smiles pretty much non-stop around new people, just because I love to try and cheer people up. I have always believed that a smile is infectious, and even better, it's free so why not give everyone one?! I have been loving @whitewashlabsuk whitening range lately to help keep my teeth healthier & my smile brighter! You can also get 10% off with the code HELLOMISS10 😁
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235 | 27 | 1 week ago
The Summit 🗻 Greppon Blanc was the highest we could go, standing at 2700m. The snowy peaks surrounded us in all their panoramic glory, the blue sky blanketing them in a thick coat of sunshine. I have to say, it wasn't too hard to blend into my surroundings ❄️ Outfit details: #liketkit #missjordantravels Greppon Blanc
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271 | 39 | 1 week ago
"I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, 'Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.'" - Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice Found There ❄️ #missjordantravels Nendaz, Switzerland
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196 | 46 | 1 week ago
We stopped for lunch half way down the mountain at a little cluster of rickety shacks perched on the edge of the snow called "Chalet Novelly". On a sunny day, finding a table was a challenge, but it was worth the wait once we were basking in the sunshine with our ski jackets off and tucking into one of the best chicken burgers I've ever tasted. 🍔🍟 #missjordantravels Chalet Novelly Siviez
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293 | 39 | 1 week ago
On top of the world 🗻 When the sun shines, the mountains illuminate; the crisp, white snow shimmering beneath the warm rays. My face becomes flushed in the heat and I am breathless from both too many layers of clothing and the view which rises and falls into the distance. ☀️ #missjordantravels Plan du Fou
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259 | 34 | 1 week ago
Hot & Cold ❄️🌫 After skiing I plunged myself into the hot tub that sat on our chalet balcony. It felt almost surreal sitting outside in a bikini in minus temperatures as the snowflakes fell softly and silently around me, melting against my bare shoulders and getting tangled in my hair. #missjordantravels Nendaz, Switzerland
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407 | 34 | 1 week ago
Skiing is one of the only sports I've ever really liked or been good at. I love it. I love the smell of the pine trees that edge the piste. I love gaining rhythm until I soar down the mountainside without hesitation. I love being surrounded by unfathomable beauty and nature. It's the one sport where I can escape everything and just take a moment to breathe ⛷ #missjordantravels Tracouet
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280 | 52 | 2 weeks ago
Cosy by the Fire ☕️ Off the slopes I've been practically living in pyjamas this week, making me wish I'd brought more than one pair with me. We also have a Nespresso machine that makes hot chocolates, and the biggest mugs ever for the days when I'm feeling super chilly 🌨 #missjordantravels Nendaz, Switzerland
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344 | 69 | 2 weeks ago
I often think about the little log cabins that sit high up on the side of the Alps. They look so cosy and idealistic that the escapist inside me considers for a brief moment to run away and live in the middle of nowhere, with no internet, no phone and just a library of books and an unlimited supply of hot chocolate. But then I remember the kind of girl I am and that I'd probably go stir crazy after one day without Instagram 😂 Maybe in another life...#missjordantravels Nendaz, Switzerland
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253 | 54 | 2 weeks ago
Let It Snow ❄️ Dressed in blue velvet, I headed out to explore the little centre of town. My favourite parts were the little side roads, backed against the cliff face, bare, snow-covered branches meandering behind them. The snow has been falling pretty much constantly for the past two days, but I can't deny that there's something magical about it. I've always said you're never too old to twirl in a pretty dress and I felt almost like a modern day Queen Elsa; the cold never bothered me anyway ✨ #missjordantravels Nendaz, Switzerland
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420 | 99 | 2 weeks ago
Paramount Pictures 🏔 Not going to lie, I've seen worse views. I had one of those "pinch yourself" moments when skiing, as the piste thinned out and curved around the side of the mountain, presenting us with the incredible picture of the snowy peaks polka dotted with pine trees. I swept past it all in a daze, my heart pounding and feeling a sense of wonder that I imagine Walter Mitty felt when he long-boarded down that volcano (a must watch film!). The only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been having Of Monsters and Men playing as I inhaled that mountain air 🙌 #missjordantravels Nendaz, Switzerland
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290 | 61 | 2 weeks ago
There's no business like snow business! ❄️ We awoke in Nendaz to the most glorious sunshine I'd ever seen before hitting the slopes for the first time in years. I think I had a moment of panic that my legs would lose total control of themselves but I soon found it's just like riding a bike. Now I'm back in the chalet, warm under a fluffy blanket and sipping hot chocolate while the snow tumbles down outside. I could think of worse places to be ☕️ #missjordantravels Nendaz, Switzerland
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357 | 70 | 2 weeks ago
My favourite flowers of all time are red roses. I think it stems (ha) not only from my love of Beauty and the Beast & anything classically romantic, but also from how much they change the longer they spend in your company. When you buy roses, they're small and closed and a lot of people tend to pass them by. But, after a little while, they bloom wide and beautiful like this and you can't help but admire every detail 🌹
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318 | 52 | 2 weeks ago
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