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B E N J A M I N benjaminhardman

Reykjavík, Iceland.
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Three peaks. Sailing through the ice fjord really put things in perspective as we floated past the base of this iceberg. @ilovegreenland @worldofgreenland #greenlandpioneer Greenland
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11973 | 102 | 3 hours ago
X. As the ice moves through the fjord, it's texture and appearance constantly changes. Angled towards the sun, this piece of ice had calved many times. Along with the huge waves after a calving event, the ice creates new fissure like cracks along the edges and disperses the remnants in some magnificent patterns through the surrounding ocean. @ilovegreenland | @worldofgreenland #greenlandpioneer Greenland
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19080 | 146 | 1 day ago
An ice cave within an iceberg in an icefjord. Shot from the @worldofgreenland sailing boat. It was so crazy to see these places with my own eyes 🤙🏼 @ilovegreenland | #greenlandpioneer Greenland
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18675 | 132 | 2 days ago
The future @ilovegreenland sledge crew. #greenlandpioneer Ilulissat
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22291 | 249 | 3 days ago
Drifting ice. In the last few days I've seen the biggest ice structures of my life. The way in which the icebergs drift silently through the fjord has left me without words, waking up each morning with a completely different view as they slowly dissipate into the ocean. Here's a shot that I captured from the @worldofgreenland helicopter. @ilovegreenland | #greenlandpioneer Ilulissat
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19527 | 194 | 5 days ago
Snow over an empty floodplain. Once dusted in white, every contour of the river bed stands out. This reveals the history of the flow as it has stood for hundreds of years. Upon every eruption, a wall of silt ridden water will restructure the landscape and continue the process of immense change that makes Iceland so unique. Iceland
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15013 | 186 | 1 week ago
Current state of the Icelandic mountains. This time of the winter allows for such a unique view of landscape, where textures last for a matter of days. It's almost as if the rain and snow are fighting against each other on a daily basis. P.s. this isn't a black and white image, it's just a black and white mountain 🤙🏼 West Iceland
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24625 | 279 | 1 week ago
Making the call. Their howl can be heard echoing across the valley. After a moment of silence a return howl will follow, giving a sense of direction to the foxes before they reunite on the mountainside. Head to my story to see this one jumping around with her friend 🤙🏼 Iceland
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21854 | 224 | 1 week ago
All white. Bláfjöll
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17257 | 142 | 2 weeks ago
The winter freeze. Ice formations have appeared all over the valley in the last week. In the same manner as the glaciers, it's crazy to think these icicles will disappear soon, only to exist in photographs once they vanish. Moving version in my story ✌🏼 Gígjökull
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18286 | 142 | 2 weeks ago
Føroyar. Here's a preview of my latest short film - a visual interpretation of winter in the Faroe Islands. Head to the link in my bio to watch the full version over on my YouTube channel. Enjoy folks ✌🏼 Faroe Islands
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28098 | 700 | 2 weeks ago
Back home in Iceland after a week of exploring in the Faroes. Throughout the trip I often found myself searching for these bursts of light that shine through the low-layer cloud. It's so beautiful to watch the light move across the fjord land, illuminating everything in its path. #faroeislands | #visitfaroeislands Faroe Islands
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32327 | 416 | 2 weeks ago
Split in two. At the divide between these snow covered peaks sits a small river, flowing straight down into the North Atlantic ocean. Large scale symmetry is often hard to find up here, but nature will always balance out somewhere. #faroeislands | #visitfaroeislands Gjógv
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20006 | 166 | 3 weeks ago
Just a casual sea bird in a snow storm. Faroe Islands
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23361 | 203 | 3 weeks ago
Formations. Some of the sea cliffs here in the faroes are home to giant rock structures, somehow still standing after all these of years of constant battering by the open ocean. @brokensundowns and I had a pretty crazy time today whilst trying to scout this view. Two random blizzards and bright blue skies, it felt like the weather back home. #faroeislands | #visitfaroeislands Faroe Islands
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27638 | 273 | 3 weeks ago
Heads down, braving the storm. #faroeislands Faroe Islands
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27705 | 279 | 3 weeks ago
Mountain roads. Our primary goal with this Faroes mission has been to find some areas of falling snow. It's been very patchy but we woke up to a nice dusting this morning. #faroeislands | #visitfaroeislands Funningur
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23234 | 207 | 3 weeks ago
From one island to another. Landed in the Faroes today and straight into some gnarly conditions. With snow and rain mixed with some insane winds, I'm definitely hooked once again. Stoked. #faroeislands | #visitfaroeislands Faroe Islands
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33795 | 526 | 3 weeks ago
Just one with the nature. Watching these winter snow storms roll into land from the North Atlantic in complete silence has been an inspiring sight as of late. From complete stillness to utter chaos in just minutes, I feel like every storm is teaching me something new. Shot for @icelandair. #mystopover Iceland
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29753 | 396 | 3 weeks ago
Snow day ft Defenderinn minn. Epic end to our Icefall workshop today with a massive dump of snow here in Iceland. Such a crazy week of adventures with some truly amazing humans 🤘🏼 #icefall17 Kleifarvatn
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21499 | 219 | 1 month ago
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